Shangri-La Gardens

in the heart of Gulf Harbour

About Us 

Homeowners of properties in Cascaden Road, Serene Place (and also two properties on Gulf Harbour Drive) are members of the Shangri-La Gardens Residents Association Inc (SLGRA) through legal covenant. The SLGRA is governed by a constitution and schedule of rules which clearly lay out members’ responsibilities to each other. All relevant material is available under Documentation.

 SLGRA committee

The SLGRA  committee is elected by members each year and its primary function is to oversee the maintenance and financing of our communal assets. The Committee meets in the clubhouse at 7:30 pm on the second Monday of every month. Both members and tenants are welcome to attend the meetings to raise any issues or concerns. 

Please let our Secretary/Treasurer know in advance so your attendance can be tabled under 'General Business' and you can be given a time to attend.


The Annual General Meeting is held in the Clubhouse, in September / October of each year. At the AGM the committee feeds back on activities, developments and financial dealings throughout the year. It is also an opportunity to meet and welcome new neighbours. The agenda is:     

  • Chairman’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Election of new committee members (or re-election of old as per members’ wishes)
  • General Business (and discussion)

Working Bee and BBQ

Our AGM is preceded by a working bee, the aim of which is to  ready our clubhouse, pool and grounds for the "summer season". Everybody chips in to lend a hand, members and tenants; adults and children; those who garden, clean, repair and bake. Afterwards, before the AGM kicks off, we all enjoy a BBQ lunch and some well deserved cold beverages!

Fees and finance

The SLGRA Secretary/Treasurer is an independent person sitting on the committee. Association expenditure is handled carefully and the Association runs both a current and capital fund, the purpose of which is to pay for future, large-scale maintenance.  SLGRA accounts are independently audited each year.

The current annual fee is $1,260. Members are asked to pay $105 monthly by Automatic Payment and a form can be downloaded from the Documentation page. Owners, not tenants, are responsible for the payment of annual fees.

If you are contemplating purchasing in Shangri-La Gardens we recommend that your solicitor contacts our Secretary/Treasurer to ensure all fees are paid up to date.

Further Reading

If members intend to rent or sell their home, they should familiarise themselves with the following documents which can be found on the Documents page.

  • Requirements when renting your Shangri-La Gardens property.
  • Selling your home in Shangri-La Gardens.